10% annually rental guarantee
10% Guaranteed rental return on your investment. For over a decade, The Norwegian developer, New Nordic Group, have been building a beautiful private community on the highly sort after Pratumnak Hill. If you purchase an apartment like an investment and do not want to go through the hustle of renting it out yourself, you can choose to purchase it with the 10% rental guarantee. This means that after completion you will get a guaranteed return of 10% P.A. The length of the guaranteed return is set at 10 years.
Welcome to New Nordic
New Nordic is located 1.5 hours drive from Bangkok airport Suvarnabhumi, on the east coast of the Siam gulf. We are midways between Pattaya and Jomtien, a bit closer to Jomtien actually.
Located in the exclusive Pratumnak hill area, and we today have 54 different buildings, 20+ swimming pools, and and a full range of services including restaurants, bars, massage shops, a Norwegian bakery, Pool bars, rooftop bars, a travel Agency, Laundry shop, Beauty Salon, kids play areas, Karaoke Bar, mini marts, 24 hour security, and more. New Nordic Village is a very family friendly and convenient accommodation and resort area. Welcome!
Dear investors and potential investors.
Beli Slon real estate agency presents you our reliable partner in the sphere of investments in property in Thailand, New Nordic Group.
Our close cooperation with New Nordic Group began over two years ago with Marcus project, when one of our customers bought four apartments in Marcus for 10M baht, completing his payment before the start of construction. During the waiting period, which lasted one year, and one more year, when the construction of the project took place, the developer paid to the buyer 83,300 baht of monthly return as a compensation for the advanced payment. By the moment Marcus was completed, the total return on investment achieved 2M baht, which is 20% of the initial investment. All apartments are ready to move in – fully furnished and equipped, – so the next step is renting the newly build apartments out and getting monthly returns from rentals which are set at 10% per annum during the following 10 years.
Since then we have been successfully offering to our customers the investment program by New Nordic, which guarantees 10% of yearly return of investment. We conducted dozens of researches, took into consideration changes in demand, prices on realty, inflation, and many other factors. We have prepared a list of recommendations for future investors and are now glad to share it with you.
For more information or project inspection, please contact us on +66 86 15 000 79
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Our investment option
As we mention above our business plan focuses on outside investment. We look for private investors to invest in our business.We have set up our company in such a way that we can offer much more favourable terms than you would normally get when investing into a company.

Unlike the usual way of investing into companies whereby you buy shares into a company and then hope for the share value to increase to make you profit and you might also receive dividends. The downside to this type of investment though is that there is no security for your money.

If the company you have invested into goes bankrupt you lose ALL of you money, including any 'profits' that you were holding on paper.

With New Nordic you can enjoy fixed returns of 10% per year but also have the peace of mind that your investment is secured. In a similar worst case scenario New Nordic went bankrupt you still own a property asset which you can then use, rent or sell.

So although you are investing into a company – New Nordic, on paper we sell you a condominium and then we lease it back from you for an agreed period of between 5 – 20 years. The rental return amount is equivalent to 10% per year of the value you paid for the property. At the end of the investment period there are a few options for the investor including selling your unit back to Nordic for the amount you originally paid for it.

So for nearly 8 years now we have been using this investment plan to help fund the construction of "New Nordic Village". We now have over 2000 investors and everyone has been paid on time every month since we started.

Due to the success of the investment program and the progress of the company as a whole, confidence among our investors has also grown and now over 50% of new investment into the company is actually from previous existing investors.
Welcome to New Nordic Group!
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